The Laws of Attraction: Do Gentlemen Prefer Bushy Brows?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines attraction as “a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation.”

When it comes to human attraction, it should come as no surprise that men are attracted to certain characteristics and behaviors in women without even realizing it.

Though it’s impossible to generalize a list of features that all men find attractive in a woman, there are a few that stick out.

Confidence. Men seem to sense it when a woman is comfortable in her own skin, regardless of her size, body type, or skn color. In other words, to be the most appealing to the opposite sex amounts to being happy with yourself and placing your authentic self above trends or other people’s opinions.

Sense of humor. Being able to laugh and have fun can be an important part of any relationship. It may also promote feelings of closeness that might not be found in any other relationship. In fact, being able to laugh at oneself might even be one of the most attractive traits of all.

Adventurous spirit. Some men are more attracted to women who take risks and are willing to try new things. Though this doesn’t apply to all men, there are guys who enjoy getting outside and might like a woman that enjoys things like hiking, mountain climbing, paddle boarding, and surfing.

Healthy Appearance. More than simply a fit body, a pretty face, or a bright smile, a healthy appearance is also the steps a woman takes to care for herself. A woman who works hard at the gym can be more attractive than a skinny chick who wears a size zero without trying, for example. One who eats a healthy diet may mean more to some men than an emaciated figure.

Honesty and openness. Being honest can be crucial in any relationship as is the ability to communicate feelings openly.

Intelligence. Not just about having advanced degrees or a high IQ, intelligence may involve being knowledgeable about politics and other worldly events, an ability to hold a meaningful conversation, and a desire to learn.

Physical traits. There are physical traits that are sometimes beyond a woman’s control, such as body type, height, and breast size, and believe it or not, the thickness of one’s eyebrows. These are all characteristics some men deem highly important when choosing a partner.

Do Gentlemen Prefer Thick Eyebrows

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Do Gentlemen Prefer Thick Eyebrows?

An interesting result emerged from a study published in Frontiers in Psychology that revealed that men find bushy brows more attractive than other brow thicknesses. The study, conducted at Oakland University in Michigan,  asked 1000 men and women to rate a series of images to study which facial features they found to be most attractive. Some results of the study, like a softer jawbone being more attractive for women and a more well-defined, strong jawline being more attractive for men, were expected.  

But when it came to men’s preferences in the thickness of a woman’s brow, scientists found that women with thicker eyebrows were  perceived as being more attractive to men than those with thinner brows.

Dr. Lisa Welling, the author of the study, noted that “it could be that relatively thicker eyebrows signal other qualities, such as a tendency towards more grooming.”

Why are eyebrows important

Why are eyebrows important?

There are evolutionary reasons behind the preference for one brow over another. A key identifier for one’s face, the shape of one’s eyebrows is typically one of the first features of your face that others notice.

What’s Behind the Bushy Brow Craze

What’s Behind the Bushy Brow Craze?

The popularity of thicker eyebrows came at the heels of the ’90s super-thin arches, doing a complete 180 degree turn. People went from over plucking their brows to desperately searching for a way to grow them back. Enter an army of eyebrow gels, pencils, pens, powders, and pomades storming store shelves.

To accelerate the bushy brow trend even more, Tik Tok and YouTube tutorials by the thousands began showing up revealing how to get the perfect Insta-brow.

Are Thick Eyebrows For You

Are Thick Eyebrows For You? 

Like chocolate and vanilla, the traits a man finds attractive in a woman are as individual as the man himself. Some men might prefer a woman with red hair, while other gentlemen, as they say, prefer blondes.  So, if thick eyebrows are something you’d like to try, but you weren’t blessed to be born with them, there are new treatments available to help even the thinnest eyebrows look luscious, lovely, thick, and voluminous.

If you’re hoping to adjust your looks to fit the wants of someone else, it might help to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all for being an attractive woman.  So, rather than trying to fit into someone else’s box, just being your true authentic self, creating your own box, is probably the most attractive trait of all.

Bushy Brow Boosters – Microblading vs. Brow Lamination

The two most popular brow boosting treatments, microblading and brow lamination, are game changers in the beauty industry.  Though they have certain similarities,  they are quite different in terms of their methods,  longevity, and cost.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination  

Brow lamination is a great option for anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their eyebrows without the commitment of more invasive or permanent procedures. Brow lamination involves the use of a chemical solution to reshape and set eyebrow hairs in place, creating a fuller, more defined look.

The brow lamination process typically involves three steps: applying a lifting solution to straighten the hairs, applying a setting solution to keep them in place, and finally applying a nourishing serum to condition and protect the brows. Unlike micro blading which can last up to 18 months or longer, brow lamination typically lasts  up to 6 weeks but can vary depending on the individual’s hair growth cycle.


Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that involves creating hair-like strokes to mimic natural brow hairs. Unlike brow lamination, micro bladed brows can be a great solution for people with thin and sparse brows.

During the microblading process, a brow expert maps out the desired shape of the brows, taking into account the client’s natural brow shape and facial features. Then, a sterile, disposable microblading tool is used to create small, hair-like strokes in the skin’s uppermost epidermis layer using a specialized pigment. Though microblading is a longer lasting technique than brow lamination, lasting up to two years, it requires a longer recovery. Following microblading, it is important to follow your brow artist’s aftercare instructions.

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Which Treatment is Better for Me

Which Treatment is Better for Me?

Brow lamination and microblading are both highly effective brow enhancement trends that have been experiencing rising popularity in recent years. Choosing brow lamination or microblading is a personal choice that should be made only after conducting some of your own research and exploration. If you’re looking to enhance your looks and save time in the morning, both brow lamination and microblading are great options.

Brow lamination is a non-invasive, temporary solution for achieving fuller, more defined brows, while microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that can create long-lasting, natural-looking results.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences, goals, and budget.

The Laws of Attraction - Take Away

Take Away

When it comes to the laws of attraction, it might come as no surprise that men are drawn to certain characteristics in women like fuller butts, a great smile, and bushier brows.

Though it seems that the current trend for attractiveness when it comes to eyebrows is the thicker version, what truly matters most is  what makes you feel the most comfortable inside.

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