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“My pores never used to be like this! I can’t find a skincare solution that actually works!”
Does that sentence ring true for you? When it comes to fixing large open pores, it can be very tricky to determine what actually works.

Oily skin and hormonal changes are often to blame. But this condition doesn’t only happen in your teenage years. Large pores can come on at any time. And although your friends might be struggling with overly dry skin, large pores have to be approached quite differently.

If you’ve spent your life as someone who had normal to dry skin, then enlarged pores and oiliness caused by hormonal changes can come as a surprise. Over time, the surface of your skin takes on a coarse texture due to the size of the open pores. Those pores can become clogged easily since they are harder to clean than smooth, poreless skin.

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Comprehensive system

Minimize large pores with our comprehensive system

If you’d like to know how to tighten pores, then we have the solution. The condition is treatable in our clinic using a variety of different methods that will help reduce the size of large pores and leave your skin looking smooth again.

Our combination of in-clinic therapies and topical skincare products for home use will significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

Learn about our treatment packages for enlarged pores

We have the solution for you. At Specialist Skin Solutions, we know that one size does not fit all. That is why we have come up with three treatment options that you can choose from.

Choose from our skin-blitz comprehensive Program for a total makeover, our Mix and Match program for customizable therapy, or top up sessions to maintain your skin.

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Our comprehensive program to correct large pores

For patients with severe coarse, textured skin, our comprehensive program will help make your skin appear smoother, reduce oiliness, and tighten pores with the following combination of therapies:

Our Mix and Match Program

This is our most flexible treatment option. You can choose from any combination of:

Our top up program

Once you have got your skin nice and smooth, it is important to maintain it for best results. This is particularly important if you have oily or congested skin, since that can cause large pores to return over time. We recommend that those patients return for monthly Laser Genesis “top ups” to maintain your new, beautiful skin. The occasional touch up is a great way to protect your investment.

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