CoolSculpting vs. TruSculpt ID: Which Wins?

New technology leaves CoolSculpt and fat freezing in the dust

You’ve heard about fat freezing and CoolSculpting before, but you’ve hesitated to try it. Who wants to feel the ice cold sting for an hour or more with a bulky machine suctioned onto your belly or love handles? Well, there is something that is way more comfortable and just as effective — no ice-cold, hard paddle needed. And it only takes 15 minutes!

People have a lot to say about CoolSculpting. Spoiler alert: It’s not always good. Here is what patients really think about getting fat freezing done:

“The paddle kind of hurt. It felt like my skin was being sucked into a steam roller…just a very, very cold one.” – T. Nguyen

“I had it done on my belly. 2.5 hours for a treatment just takes way too long. Not to mention it was kind of uncomfortable. Honestly, I couldn’t wait for the session to be over. I’m not looking forward to my next appointment.” – M. Simmons

“It worked, but I didn’t expect there to be so much bruising. They should warn you about that.” – K. Bouchard

TruSculpt ID is NOTHING like that

TruSculpt ID is a fast, painless way to get rid of up to 24% of fat cells* with treatments lasting just 15 minutes. This clinically-proven device uses soothing heated pads instead of freezing temperatures and uncomfortable suction. TruSculpt targets your most stubborn fat on all areas of the body, large and small. All you need to do is sit back and relax while the machine does all the work. In the time it takes to check your emails, the session is done just like that. You can head back to work right after without the bruising or painful sensations that can be common after CoolSculpt.

The best part is many patients say it feels like a hot stone massage. Bruising is uncommon, unlike with CoolSculpting. Side effects are very mild with TruSculpt ID. The most common one is for skin to be a bit red (this normally goes away in just a few minutes) and mild soreness afterwards that is temporary and easily tolerated. There is zero downtime or after care, and the results are permanent.

TruSculpt ID beats CoolSculpting hands down

Specialist Skin solutions are leading experts in body contouring techniques for both men and women. After carefully reviewing the available non-invasive options on the market today, it is clear to Specialist Skin Solutions that TruSculpt ID is by far the best solution for most patients. This is next-generation RF technology that targets fat cells alone — and it only takes one or two fifteen minute sessions to see real results.

Plastic surgeons and patients who have tried it are singing its praises. Word is getting out, and people are falling in love with TruSculpt. It has even won over the FDA and the TGA which have both approved it for lipolysis — and they are tough to persuade!

In the battle between CoolSculpt and TruSculpt iD, SSS knows there is a clear winner. As a body contouring expert with decades of experience helping men and women get the beautiful body they always wanted, he knows a thing or two about the latest fat reduction technology. The truth is, CoolSculpting and fat freezing works, but TruSculpt has many benefits. If you are considering non-invasive body contouring, TruSculpt is a no-brainer.

TruSculpt IDCoolSculpt
Lightning-fast 15 minute treatmentsX
FDA and TGA approved for fat removalX
Removes up to 24% of fat cellsX
No surgery needed
Kills fat cells with soothing heatX
Ideal for both large and small or hard to reach areasX
Safe and effective
Treats multiple areas at the same timeX
No aftercareX
Zero downtime
Feels like a hot stone massageX
Permanent results

What are you waiting for? Call to book your TruSculpt ID consultation now. Click Here.

TruSculpt is so fast, you can get it done during your lunch break. That is proving to be the most popular time, so we encourage you to call now while there are still time slots available. Appointments are filling up fast, but we wanted you to be among the first to know about it. Anywhere you have even a pinch of fat, TruSculpt can help!

*Per treatment session. This information was provided by Cutera, a trusted manufacturer in non invasive body contouring technology that has served the world’s finest cosmetic surgeons for more than 20 years.

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