Cosmetic Lip Injections

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Lips are a defining feature of the face. The desire to have bigger, fuller lips to complement facial features & your smile is more sort after then ever before.

If you have thin lips or would to enhance the lips that you already have, with modern lip fillers and the knowledge and understanding that our Doctors have of the facial dynamics and anatomy will ensure successful lip enhancement first time every time.

It is not just about getting a bigger lips. The shape, border and proportions are critical to making your lips beautiful and pleasing.

You deserve a Beautiful smile. Let us enhance what you already have.

Get fuller lips with our soft dermal fillers.

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33. Receive your dermal lip filler treatment.

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4. Walk out of the clinic with a big smile and luscious lips!

Cosmetic Lip Injections for the aged lip – our subtle lip treatment

As we age we lose collagen in our skin. With the loss of volume, wrinkles and folds begin to form. The loss of collagen also affects the lips. Lips become thinner and less hydrated. Dermal fillers can help by restoring volume and hydration to your lips.

It is Specialist Skin Solutions main focus to rejuvenate your lips in one visit. Our premium dermal fillers provide instant gratification, whatever your lip desires are.

A subtle lip treatment, will focus on softness and hydration.

A complete lip treatment, will focus on definition, volume and hydration.

Let us enhance your natural lips with cosmetic lip injections.

You deserve a Beautiful smile.

Beautiful Lips
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How do Dermal lip fillers work?

Our boutique clinic use’s a premium Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers from a leading brand.

Once injected, the gel in the filler supports and shapes the tissue of the lips.

Hydration and soft natural results are the benefits of using this Hyaluronic dermal filler. It is a safe product that will last between 12- 18 months.

You can expect some mild swelling of the lips immediately following the procedure, however this will subside after a 1-2 days, leaving you with soft, natural lips.

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