How to Speed Up Your Lymphatic System Post TruSculpt Body Contouring

Non-invasive body contouring treatments like truSculpt iD use radiofrequency energy to kill fat cells in the treated area. But as effective as this procedure is, don’t expect to walk out of the provider’s office looking immediately thinner. Once the treatment has been performed, your body has to get to work to break down the destroyed fat cells and filter them through the lymphatic system and ultimately eliminate them.

Lymphatic drainage massages
Lymphatic drainage massages

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Fat cell excretion begins immediately but the process can last as long as six months. After three weeks, clients may see a significant change but depending on the part of the body being treated, optimal results can take from three to six months. The difference between a client who sees progress within a few weeks versus one who has to wait a few months to see visible results is the lymphatic system. The smoother things are running in your body’s circulatory system, the quicker the excess fluid buildup will flush from the body. The lymphatic system plays a huge role in the fat cell excretion process.

There are several things you can do to help speed up the process to get your lymphatic circulation system to work harder, faster,  and smarter, including specialised massage, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and staying hydrated. The lymphatic system doesn’t pump like the heart. The body’s movements are what help the lymph fluid work its way through the arteries and tissues to flush bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, dead cells, and other toxins. Lymphatic movement doesn’t have to be 8 hours a week on the treadmill or running a marathon.  It can be as simple as boosting your water intake, incorporating breathing techniques, and adding gentle massage into your daily routine.

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Drinking plenty of water for optimal results after truScupt iD treatment
Drinking plenty of water for optimal results after truScupt iD treatment

Drinking Plenty of Water

Water is the one resource  that’s free, obtainable, and healthy. Drinking water after truSculpt iD treatment helps lymphatic circulation to work more effectively since more water leads to more frequent trips to the bathroom and metabolic waste—which is how those fat cells get flushed out.

Tip: Avoid detox teas, diuretics, and laxatives which can disrupt the body’s hydration and electrolyte balance. They will not speed up the removal of fat cells. They’ll only cause dehydration.

Eating healthy for weight loss.
Eating healthy for weight loss.

Eating a Healthy Diet

There’s no shortcut to take in the diet department. Low-fat proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains are your best bets, nutritionally. It’s also imperative to avoid processed foods and anything high in sugar or sodium which tend to interfere with cellular function.

Exercising improves health conditions, aids in weight loss, and speeds up lymphatic drainage.
Exercising improves health conditions, aids in weight loss, and speeds up lymphatic drainage.

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Exercising Regularly

Exercise plays a critical role in increasing and maintaining fat reduction and improving overall health. Physical movement raises the heart rate and increases blood flow which supports the lymph system.

Tip: The act of sweating alone does not rid the body of toxins. The  liver and kidneys are responsible for detoxification; not your skin and sweat glands.

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Using very light pressure,  lymphatic drainage massages work to rid the body of more fluid and speed up fat reduction
Using very light pressure, lymphatic drainage massages work to rid the body of more fluid and speed up fat reduction

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The cardiovascular system continuously pumps blood through the body, but the lymphatic system relies on the movement of smooth muscles to transport lymphatic fluid through the lymph vessels. To speed this process along, manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques, similar to deep tissue massage, performed with light pressure, releases tension and inflammation from the muscles, and assists with lymph flow.

Below are a few at-home manual lymphatic massage techniques that can help. 

Tip: After manual lymph massage therapy,  it’s important to stay hydrated.


  1. Place your palm flat on the sides of the chest, slightly above the breast.
  2. Using very light pressure with sweeping motions, move your hand up the chest and over the collarbone.
  3. Continue up the neck until the skin covering the chest feels tight.
  4. Release.


  1. Starting with the left arm, beginning at the shoulder, use your palm to stretch the skin upward.
  2. Using gentle pressure, move down to the upper arm and stretch the skin up toward the shoulder.
  3. Continue down the arm, always moving the skin upward and stopping at the wrist.
  4. Release.
  5. Repeat on right arm.

Legs/Lower Body

  1. Using gentle pressure, start massaging at the top of the left leg and work down toward the feet.
  2. Put one hand on the inside of the opposite thigh, near the groin, and place the other hand on the buttock.
  3. Gently stretch the skin, using sweeping motions, moving the hand on the inside of the thigh toward the outside of the thigh and up. 
  4. Using gentle pressure, move hands further down the the lower leg and repeat, stopping when you get to the knee.
  5. Place one hand on the shin and the other hand on the back of the calf and gently stretch the skin upward.
  6. Continue this motion, working down toward the ankle and top of the foot.
  7. Repeat on right leg.

Fingers and toes

  1. Use your thumb and index finger to guide fluid from the base of the toes toward the foot and the base of the fingers toward the palm.

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Taking deep breaths
Taking deep breaths

Deep Breathing

By acting like a pump that helps move fluid through the lymph nodes, deep breathing is an essential practise for promoting relaxation and mental well-being, optimal functioning of the body’s systems, and addressing health problems. Taking purposeful and intentional deep breaths also helps to improve circulation and speed up lymphatic drainage.

By placing both hands on your stomach,  inhaling through your nose, expanding your stomach while keeping your shoulders still, then exhaling, you can stimulate the lymph nodes in your neck.

Gentle movements help move lymphatic fluid through the system
Gentle movements help move lymphatic fluid through the system


A popular wellness trend,  rolling, which uses a foam or wooden device,  encourages lymphatic drainage by stimulating fascia,  the connective tissue that separates muscle from internal organs. Fascia also holds the lymph nodes, which filter the lymphatic system; eliminate bacteria, viruses, and cancerous cells from the body;  and may also reduce cellulite by reducing fat and speeding up metabolism.

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truSculpt iD in Loom - Hunter Valley
truSculpt iD in Loom – Hunter Valley

TruSculpt® Non-Invasive Body Contouring

TruSculpt iD®, a non-surgical, non-surgical fat reduction procedure, uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells throughout the entire fat layer, from just below the skin down to the muscle. 

How TruSculpt® Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment Works

Delivering radio frequency energy through the skin, the fat cells absorb the energy in the form of heat, destroying the stubborn fat without harming the skin. Once destroyed, the body naturally takes over and flushes out the fat cells through the lymphatic system.

TruSculpt iD®  treatment commonly requires 2 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart.  Maximum results are visible after approximately 10-12 weeks, however some patients begin to see improvement after as little as 4 weeks.  Trusculpt does not remove the fat, but rather causes fat cell death.  This disruption of cells allows the fat to leak and shrink and are gradually expelled naturally by the body.  

By practising the steps outlined above, clients can help the lymphatic system to expel the fat cells faster.

truSculpt iD in Loom - Hunter Valley
truSculpt iD in Loom – Hunter Valley

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Where to Get TruSculpt® Treatment Near Loom – Hunter Valley

At Specialist Skin Solutions, a clinic of medical-grade cosmetic devices and treatments, we have incorporated the Cutera truSculpt® iD system. A revolutionary, non-invasive body sculpting treatment that eliminates fat cells in the hardest-to-reach areas, truSculpt®  allows you to personalise your treatment to achieve the results you desire.  

TruSculpt®, a safe and effective technology, permanently eliminates fat cells in stubborn areas like the abdomen and flanks, upper back, inner and outer thighs, chin, & upper arms.  With truSculpt iD®, you can get the body contouring you want, even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Our goal is to be a soft place for our clients to land. When you step inside, we provide you with a sense of calm and peace. All you have to do is sit back on one of our comfortable treatment tables and a trained professional will get to work.  In less than an hour (depending on the size of the treatment area), you will be out the door and back to your daily life. Then after  just a few short months, as the fat flushes out of your body through the lymphatic system, you will notice visible results. The beautifully defined body you’ve always wanted without hours of exercise and weeks of counting carbs can be yours.

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truSculpt iD in Loom - Hunter Valley

Specialist Skin Solutions,  a cosmetic clinic specialising in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, including the latest dermal therapies, is proud to offer truSculpt® iD, the latest in state-of-the-art  fat melting, body chiseling techniques.

Because the number of  treatments varies from person to person, we create an individualised treatment plan during your initial consultation, discuss our pricing structure, and explain what you can expect during and after the procedure.

If you’re ready to begin your journey towards a slimmer, sexier, and more beautiful you, book an appointment today! If you have specific questions, call us at 02-4934-1700.  

*Disclaimer: Number of  treatments required  to achieve optimal results varies for each client. Always seek medical advice from your healthcare provider before opting for any procedure. This blog post is meant strictly for informational purposes only. Results vary. As there are risks with any procedure, be sure to follow directions from your healthcare provider to the letter.

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