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Facelift surgery, or rhytidectomy, can be the perfect solution for patients who wish to improve the visible signs of ageing along their face and neck. This surgical procedure addresses skin sagging, deep wrinkles around the eyes as well as excess neck fat. In this gallery, you’ll find amazing before and after images of patients who have had this life-changing surgery, at Specialist Cosmetic Surgery. Following this procedure, many patients will notice a big improvement in their facial contour, skin elasticity, as well as a drastic reduction in wrinkles and skin sagging. It’s not uncommon for patients to report looking about a decade younger than they actually are, after the surgery. Actual results, of course, will vary from patient to patient.*

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Janice came to see Dr Beldholm because she wanted to refresh her look and feel better about herself.

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Marge had been through a lot. At her heaviest she was more than 250 kg in weight.

She lost 173 kg in the first year after surgery and she was slowly losing more weight thereafter.

When she came to see Dr Beldholm her main complaint was loose skin in the face and neck area.*

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Luisa was a 45 year old women that wanted to have a fresher look. She felt that her face had fallen down, especially in the last few years, and the non-invasive treatments were not doing the trick anymore.*

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Mary was 51 years old, and had been very unhappy with her neck area for a long time.

Mary had a full facelift, together with extensive liposuction of the neck.*

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Vicky had been thinking about having a facelift for some time. She had been having dermal therapy and injectable treatments for quite a while. She had initially consulted Dr Beldholm two years prior to having her facelift surgery, but she was not ready to go ahead at that stage.*

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