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Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask – Brighter, even skin is within reach

Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask is the secret to illuminated skin. In just 10 to 15 minutes, it erases dullness, brightens and conditions skin while improving surface texture and clarity.

Dull skin is often caused by dead surface skin cells. A gentle exfoliation is the quickest way to brighten your complexion and promote an even skin tone. The Lactic Acid and Bamboo Stem Extract in this mask are non-irritating exfoliants that work to gently slough away the top layer of dead skin, revealing the fresh, healthy skin that is hiding beneath. If manual exfoliation normally irritates your skin, this exfoliating face mask is a gentler alternative. It even soothes and calms, thanks to the addition of Vitamin B3.

Cosmedix Glow

While exfoliation alone is an excellent way to brighten skin dullness, it serves another purpose. By removing the dead surface layer, it allows active ingredients to do their job more effectively. This mask contains powerful natural brighteners that wake up tired skin and leave you glowing.

The Cosmedix brightening face mask is ideal to wake up drab, lifeless skin. Anytime your skin needs a recharge, smooth it on and watch as it revives your complexion. It is perfect to get ready for a special event, after a long flight or when you had a long, stressful day.

Masking not only helps your skin look better, but it is also a good way to de-stress. Life gets busy. Taking a quick timeout to focus on yourself will enhance your wellbeing and help skin look rested and awake.

With Cosmedix Brightening Mask, you can finally achieve brighter, more even skin that reminds you of your youth.

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  • Boosts skin clarity and radiance
  • Fights dullness
  • Improves surface texture
  • Leaves skin noticeably smooth and soft
  • Protects skin’s barrier function

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Use & Who its For:

Suitable for all skin types that desire glowing, even toned skin.

The mask can be used up to three times per week in the evening, or as tolerated. Apply a generous layer to clean, damp skin using a light massaging motion. Next, smooth your fingertips over the mask to create an even layer. Allow the brightening and exfoliating ingredients to go to work for 10 to 15 minutes. This is a great time to relax and do some deep breathing exercises to promote stress relief for skin that looks rested and healthy. After time has elapsed and the mask dries, rinse the mask away with warm water to unveil a bright, glowing complexion. Follow with serum and moisturizer or night cream.

Sunscreen is recommended during the day as it may increase sensitivity to sunlight.

Key Ingredients:

Bamboo Stem Extract and Lactic Acid are natural exfoliants that are well tolerated by most skin types. They whisk away dead skin cells so the brightening ingredients can reach your skin. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) leaves skin supple and soft while improving barrier function, keeping skin strong, calm and protected. It also improves the look of dark spots and discoloration. Together, these ingredients result in a bright, luminous complexion without causing dry skin.

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