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Cosmedix Bio-Shape Firming Face Mask – Sculpts, lifts and tighten dry, aging skin

Dry skin and aging skin often come in pairs. As we age, delicate facial skin becomes thinner. Collagen loss slows down dramatically after age 30, causing skin to lose elasticity, firmness and density.

Cosmedix Bio-Shape Firming Face Mask can help. An advanced anti-aging mask rich in antioxidants, emollients and peptides, it helps reduce the appearance of aging skin, leaving your skin with a sculpted and lifted finish.

Cosmedix Bio-Shape

It is especially useful for helping the jawline appear more sculpted. A sagging jawline is one of women’s top aging concerns, so if that’s you, give this mask a try before going under the knife.

Keeping skin hydrated is the key to looking younger, but that can be difficult as the years go by since thin skin retains less moisture. Yet hydration alone is not enough to help aging, sagging skin look better. That’s where peptides come into play.

Peptides play a starring role in this anti-aging face mask for dry skin. Paired with active botanicals, Vitamin E and superior hydrators like Shea Butter, the mask works to diminish signs of aging while leaving skin soft and supple.

Facial skin becomes more sensitive and dry with age. While you can achieve results by using this mask for just 10 minutes, you can realize the maximum benefit by leaving it on overnight. Yes, it is that gentle — something delicate aging skin will appreciate.

When you wake in the morning, skin will look more supple, firm and lifted. Seeing visible improvement can give you a major boost in confidence as you get ready to tackle the day. For ageless skin, look to Bio-Shape Firming Mask from one of the world’s leaders in anti-aging skincare, Cosmedix.

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  • Helps aging skin look more youthful and defined
  • Improves surface skin texture
  • Minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restores lost moisture
  • Fuels skin with nutrients

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Use & Who its For:

This anti-aging mask is ideal for dry skin and mature skin types.

This mask can be used two ways:

In the evening, massage a dollop of product onto clean, dry skin using gentle circular motions, allowing the skin surface to absorb all the beneficial ingredients. Next, use your hands to smooth the mask into an even layer, then set a timer for 10 minutes while you relax. As the mask replenishes your skin, you can feel the ingredients going to work as it absorbs. When time is up, gently remove the excess with a soft, clean tissue and massage any remaining product into your skin, neck and decolletage. Finish your p.m. routine with moisturizer or night cream if desired.

It may also be used as an overnight mask to nurture skin as you sleep. For severely dry skin or thin skin, it is highly recommended.

Key Ingredients:

Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester is an anti-aging peptide that makes skin look ageless. Vitamin E is essential for all skin types, kissing your skin with conditioning moisture. Shea Butter and Allantoin replenish moisture loss for supple skin that looks hydrated and healthy, erasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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