The first time you notice a dark spot on your face is a shock. A brown, patchy area can seem to have appeared overnight. It looks like a coffee stain and is especially common on the upper lip, cheeks, and forehead. These grey or brown blotches are signs of melasma. 

Melasma can strike at any age. For pregnant women in particular, the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can leave your skin with dull, dark areas called the “mask of pregnancy”. That is not to say only women get melasma. Men can get it, too. For women and men alike, sun exposure can cause melasma to develop. It is most common in your early 20s to 40s because years of sun exposure have taken a toll by then. Unfortunately, melasma often gets worse with age.

You’ve likely tried a whole slew of remedies for melasma

From serious scrubbing, popular Asian whitening products, and natural melasma natural treatments with honey, you have probably tried at least a few home remedies. You have also probably noticed that results are limited when treating a medical problem like melasma at home. If you are looking for real results, then you’ll find them at our clinic.

Melasma Treatment - Specialist Skin Solutions

“Putting heavy makeup on every day is not a solution – it’s a quick fix”

What is worse is that you can get these spots not just on your face, but also on your arms and chest. Women with melasma often try to cover it up with makeup, but men don’t always have that option. Plus, makeup comes off at the end of the day. Stubborn dark spots are hard to conceal, even with thick makeup. Luckily, there are medical solutions that can heal the problem at its source.

Normal vs Melasma Skin - Specialist Skin Solutions

We have the best solutions for melasma

Come into our skincare clinic for a skin evaluation. We will give you a tailored plan to combat these darkened spots. We offer a range of professional medical services that are carried out by highly-trained staff, along with specific products that will aid in your treatment. This combination approach is the best way to fight melasma.

Find out which treatment is right for you

We offer both a 10 Session in-clinic program, as well as a Mix and Match Program depending on your skin goals and budget. Each program starts with a complete facial assessment to determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Ongoing home treatment with a personalised selection of skincare products will give you the best results.

Right treatment for Melasma - Specialist Skin Solutions

Our 10 Session melasma fighting program

This is the surest path to melasma-free skin. Our sessional program involves at-home skin brightening program followed by a series of skin peels over the course of about six months. We use Skin Medica and Actinica products, which are top-of-the-line melasma treatments.

After just 3 to 5 sessions, you can generally expect to see the following:

  • Improved smoothness and evenness of skin
  • A better general overall appearance of the skin
  • increased radiance and clarity 
  • Significant reduction of discoloration

Our Mix and Match program

This is a flexible, on-the-go treatment option for those who have mild melasma. This option allows you to decide which treatments you want and when. The best part is you can pay as you go, making it perfect for our clients who have a strict budget. While our 10 Session Program will ensure best results, your skin may just need a little touch up now and again. With the Mix and Match, you may choose the products, and how often you’d like a skin peel.

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