Age Spots and How to Treat Them

What’s that dark spot on your forehead, cheeks, or hands? Age spots can appear as early as your late 20s, but they are more common the older you get. These unsightly marks are notoriously hard to get rid of at home. Age spots, also commonly known as liver spots, can give away your age. No one wants that!

What causes age spots?

Sun exposure is a major cause of age spots, aka solar lentigines. When you get a tan, the sun causes your skin to produce melanin. This is a browning pigment found in your skin. How we produce melanin varies from person to person. Some people tan uniformly and never have a problem, while others produce melanin irregularly. This can lead to deposits in the skin where too much melanin accumulates.

Wearing sunscreen is important as a preventative measure. If you already see dark spots and freckles developing, it is a good idea to continue wearing sunscreen so that even more don’t develop. UV rays can damage your skin a lot if you aren’t protected. Aside from age spots, the sun can break down collagen and elastin, leaving your skin wrinkled and saggy with poor texture and skin tone.

But the sun is not the only trigger for liver spots. Studies have shown that air pollution can also cause age spots to develop in men and women. If you live somewhere with poor air quality such as near a highway, industrial factories, airports, or the big city, you may be at risk. While moving may not be an option, there is something you can do about age spots.

What causes age spots - Specialist Skin Solutions

Age spots treatments at Specialist Skin Solutions

Age spots won’t go away on their own. They require repeat treatments by trained professionals. If you are hoping to get rid of these spots, we can help. We have a variety of treatments that can improve the look of your skin. 

Treatment options include:

  • Laser Genesis 
  • Deep Sea Peel 
  • Chemical Peels 
  • Medical-grade skincare products
  • And more!

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