Chemical peels an in-depth discussion with Dr Beldholm and our Dermal therapist Lea

Listen to the episode on itunesEpisode 1: Why a Chemical Peel is Great for Your Skin

This week Dr Bernard Beldholm and dermal therapist Lea Barclay from Special Skin Solutions sat down to chat about the Chemical Peel.

The Chemical Peel has come a long way over the decades and Lea has all the latest details on the most up to date technologies. She highlights the various types of peels on offer at the Special Skin Solutions and goes in-depth about what each treatment entails, what problems a peel can potentially target and what’s actually in those chemical peels.
Join us for this first episode of the Special Skin Solutions podcast with our host Dr Beldholm and expert dermal nurse Lea Barclay and learn how to make your skin glow!

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