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Aspect Dr Mild Clean – Cleans and removes all traces of makeup without irritation

Sensitive skin needs a smart cleanser that is gentle yet effective at removing makeup.

Most makeover-removing cleansers are too harsh for sensitive to normal skin types. Often, they strip skin dry in addition to removing makeup. This creates the perfect conditions for irritation and redness to develop, which many women try to cover up with more makeup, thus fueling a never ending cycle since all that makeup eventually needs to be cleansed away.

Aspect Dr Mild Clean

It’s time to break the cycle once and for all. Aspect Dr Mild Clean finally makes it possible.

With gentle cleansing ingredients that not only clean, but also soothe and protect delicate facial skin, it will quickly become your favorite cleanser. Canadian Willowherb plays a leading role in removing makeup and daily impurities. However, unlike the harsh surfactants (like SLS) in other makeup remover cleansers, this gentle Native American plant cleanses while soothing your skin at the same time.

Meanwhile, a blend of lactic acid and glycerin soften and hydrate while lifting away dead skin cells to reveal a bright, even complexion without irritation.

It’s time to break up with harsh cleansers. With Aspect Dr Mild Cleanser for sensitive skin, you can finally remove makeup and purify your skin while keeping it comfortable, hydrated and free of irritation.

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  • Effectively cleans sebum, daily grime and makeup
  • Won’t cause irritation
  • Leaves skin purified and clean
  • Soothes and comforts
  • Won’t strip skin dry
  • Gentle and fragrance free

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Use & Who its For:

Suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin that needs a gentle makeup remover face wash without the irritation.

Both morning and night, dispense two to three pumps into your hand and emulsify with warm water. Gently massage into skin using small circular motions for 30 to 60 seconds to cleanse your skin.

When you are finished, gently remove all remaining traces of makeup and daily buildup with a clean, damp washcloth. It is best to use a soft cloth made of natural material and a gentle sweeping motion so as not to disturb sensitive skin. The process may be repeated if you are wearing water-resistant sunscreen or heavy makeup.

Afterward, gently pat skin dry and continue with the rest of your skin care routine as usual.

Key Ingredients:

A prized Native American plant, Canadian WillowherbTM gently removes oil, makeup, dirt and impurities while soothing and calming sensitive skin as it cleanses. Lactic Acid gently lifts away dead surface skin cells to reveal a bright, even complexion.

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