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Dr Bernard Beldholm

M.B.B.S, B.Sc (Med), FRACS

About Dr Beldholm

Dr. Bernard Beldholm is a FRACS qualified specialist surgeon focusing on surgeries within the following areas:


Breast augmentation


Breast Augmentation and Lift


Breast Lift


Breast Reduction


Tummy tuck and body sculpting


Facial rejuvenation surgery and treatments

I started medical school in 1994 at UNSW University. I completed my university studies in 1999 and did my required Internship and Residency training in 2000 and 2001. In 2002 I entered Surgical training with RACS (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) that then led on to Advanced surgical training with RACS.

Once I completed my Fellowship with RACS I did a further 2 years of training in cosmetic surgery with ACCS (Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery).

Since completing my Specialist Surgical training I have been in full time practice for more than a decade performing cosmetic surgery.

“RACS Surgeons are highly qualified and up-to-date with the latest developments in their area of skill. They have considerable knowledge and give the best possible care to their patients.

FRACS stands for Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, a qualification awarded only to those doctors who have successfully completed several years of rigorous surgical training.

With a proven commitment to lifelong learning and the highest standards of professionalism, Fellows of the College offer you and your family safe and comprehensive surgical care.”

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Cosmetic surgery has been my passion for the last decade, view the following.


TV appearances


Conference participation


Published Research articles


Comprehensive CV, Download PDF

Download this PDF, If you want a summary of my training and experience.

Media and TV appearances by Dr Beldholm

If Dr Beldholm’s face perhaps looks a little familiar, it could be because you may have seen him on your local news. He’s been featured on numerous TV shows in Australia including The Morning Show and 9 News. Below, you’ll find a few screenshots from some of his media appearances over the years.

Conference talks by Dr Beldholm

Part of being a professional is to share your knowledge with your peers, This is how medicine advances and we can provide better results for our patients. I’m an active trainer for ACCS providing training for cosmetic surgeons. I often have surgeons visiting to learn different cosmetic surgical techniques.

Cosmetex 2013


Thursday 18 April, 2013; “Smoking Bad for Beauty and Bad for Surgery”


Thursday 18 April, 2013; “New Trends in Abdominoplasty using Liposuction


Friday 19 April, 2013; “New Techniques in Arm Lifting

Cosmetex 2010


Smoking Bad For Beauty and Surgery


Fat Grafting Still in its infancy

9 May, 2009 ACCS conference, “Pneumothorax after breast augmentation recognition and treatment”

9 May 2005 ASC (Annual Scientific Meeting – Perth), Free paper presentation; “Surgical Experience with Post Infarct Left Ventricular Free Wall Rupture”

9-13 May 2005 ASC, Poster Presentation; “Comparison of subareolar and peri-tumoural injection of Radiocolloid or blue Dye in Identifying sentinal lymph nodes”

9-13 May 2005 ASC, Poster Presentation; “Comparison of using Patent blue dye and technetium 99m in identifying sentinal lymph nodes”

14 Aug 2004 Registrars paper, Poster presentation: day “Surgical experience with post infarct ventricular ruptures”


Clinical training in cosmetic surgery


2 years of cosmetic surgery rotations


Surgical training log book containing 531 cosmetic surgery cases

Cosmetic surgery specific examinations done at the end of ACCS training


ABCS (American Board of  Cosmetic Surgery) independent cosmetic surgery exam; This is an independent cosmetic surgical exam. It is performed by an independent examiner flown down from the USA to administer the examination and is marked by this examiner. The exam is part of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Board Examinations. Which I have received a pass, achieving a mark more than 70% (See email confirmation of this fact)


Oral Viva Voce; 30 minute 5 member panel viva on Clinical Cosmetic Surgery cases and treatments passed.

Courses in Cosmetic Surgery


Review course in Cosmetic Surgery, Sydney NSW 12-14 February, 2010


Liposuction Courses and Workshops
– Liposuction Basic Workshop 13-15 March 2009, 3 full day course, Sydney
– Liposuction Advanced Workshop 2-4 May 2009, 3 full day course, Sydney
– Liposuction “Tumescent Liposculpture Basic Workshop – Hands On training” 3 day work shop, 17-19 April 2010

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Published research

Dr Beldholm strongly believes in research and evidenced based medicine. Dr Beldholm has several research projects currently underway in Tummy tuck surgery and breast surgery and has had several research articles published in peer review journals.

Beldholm, B.R. New trends in abdominoplasty using liposuction. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine. Volume 7, Issue 1, 2012 (click here to download the article)

Beldholm, B.R. Necrotising Fasciitis and Cosmetic Surgery. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine. Volume 6, Issue 1, 2011,

Beldholm, B.R. (1st author), Lee A U, A simple endoscopic technique for retrieving a long foreign body from the stomach. ANZ Journal of Surgery. 77(7):560-1, 2007 Jul

Beldholm, B.R.(1st author), Lee A U, No laughing matter, MJA, 185(11/12):606 , 2006 Dec

Beldholm, B.R.(1st author), P. Grant, C Manganas, Surgical experience with post infarct left ventricular free wall ruptures, ANZ journal of surgery, 75(suppl.): A35, 2005 May

Beldholm, B.R.(1st author) et al, Comparison of subareolar and peri-tumoural injection of radiocolloid or blue dye in identifying sentinal lymph nodes, ANZ journal of surgery, 75(suppl.): A32, 2005 May

Beldholm, B.R.(1st author).,Dr. F. Bonar, Comparison of using patent blue dye and technetium 99M in identifying sentinal lymph nodes,ANZ journal of surgery, 75(suppl.): A32, 2005 May

Beldholm, B.R(1st author)., Wilson, M., Gallagher, R., et al. Reconstruction of the trachea with a tubed free radial forearm flap. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 126(2):545-50, 2003 Aug

“The key to beautiful results is to start with the end in mind. There are many treatments that are possible. But is it the right treatment to provide the right results for you?

It is all about how treatments are used that matter. That is why we spend time educating and creating a plan just for you.”

Dr Bernard Beldholm

M.B.B.S, B.Sc (Med), FRACS, Dr Beldholm FRACS is the founder of Specialist Skin Solutions. He is a passionate specialist surgeon, providing results.