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Our Plan for You

Love the skin you’re in

Specialist Skin Solutions are the facial specialists for men & women, who wish to enhance, restore & rejuvenate their skin.

We are a boutique doctor lead cosmetic medical clinic that focuses on medically proven treatments. From dermal fillers and muscle relaxants to highly effective skin treatments, including laser skin treatments, peels and skin needling to name a few.

We help women & men look their best at any age.

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Dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, fat melting injections & medical grade skin treatments

When you choose Specialist Skin Solutions you will be comfortable knowing that all our treatments are medically proven & performed by highly trained staff that are supervised by a specialist surgeon.

Our clinic is discrete and comforting. We take great care in providing tailored treatments for every client that we see.

  • Would you like to erase the fine lines & wrinkles?
  • Are you noticing uneven skin tone and blemishes?
  • Have you got a double chin that is bothering you?
  • Would you like to enhance your neck and jawline?
  • Are you looking for more volume in your lips?
  • Would you like to remove the lines around your mouth?

All of the staff at Specialist Skin Solutions, are focused and passionate about helping you restore, enhance and sustain your own unique beauty.

We are here to guide you and help you through the process.

Want to know more about what you can do and what it all means? Get our guide: The 11 signs of ageing and what to do about it.


Let us help you, enhance your natural beauty

Assessment & treatment goes hand in hand.

Specialist Skin solutions offer customized, safe & effective treatments for you, is what we do.

When you leave our clinic, you will know that you have received the best care and treatment available.

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“The key to beautiful results is to start with the end in mind. There are many treatments that are possible. But is it the right treatment to provide the right results for you?

It is all about how treatments are used that matter. That is why we spend time educating and creating a plan just for you.”

Dr Bernard Beldholm
M.B.B.S, B.Sc (Med), FRACS, Dr Beldholm FRACS is the founder of Specialist Skin Solutions. He is a passionate specialist surgeon, providing results.